Have Trunk Will Travel
Gary & Kari Johnson 


There are two kinds of elephants, African and Asian.  Our elephants are Asian.
They are an endangered species. This means that they, along with many other
creatures on earth, are dying or being killed at a faster rate than they can
reproduce. If drastic measures aren't taken to protect them, they are in
of becoming extinct.
As human population increases in Asia and Africa, there becomes
less and less room for elephants and other wildlife. The animals are
forced into smaller areas of their land. This land is quickly stripped of
vegetation to satisfy enormous appetites. Elephants resort to raiding
farmers’ fields. In these instances, they are often wounded or killed.

Given the situation, it becomes evident that the key to the elephant’s survival is to nurture and breed them under human care. Asian elephant importation has been severely restricted in the United States. Our government heavily regulates the acquisition and ownership of elephants here, where they are protected. This leaves them in a land that was once theirs, but is rapidly becoming as endangered as the animals themselves.
We at Have Trunk Will Travel strongly believe that elephants under human care will be the key to the survival of their species. Through the sharing of ideas and information, we are helping to establish the high standard of care and humane treatment that elephants deserve.
Our breeding program and participation in the Species Survival Plan will help to ensure that our grandchildren will have the chance to see and appreciate these amazing animals.


The International Elephant Foundation (IEF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to conserving African and Asian elephants through conservation, awareness and scientific programs that enhance the survival of elephants and protect their habitats worldwide.

Support the IEF in the fight to save elephants!      

In addition to the International Elephant Foundation, we are committed
to working with the Elephant Managers Association and the
Species Survival Plan to enhance the propagation of the endangered species.

Medical & Scientific Research
Have Trunk Will Travel, Inc. consistently participates in important medical
and scientific research that will help all elephants live healthier lives. 
Highlighted below are just a few of the many projects we have been involved in.

Since June 2006 we have contributed to ongoing research on Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpes Virus (EEHV) study to reduce elephant deaths caused by this disease.  A detailed epidemiology of the Asian elephant population in North America is being conducted simultaneously.  For more information on EEHV visit:  EEHVinfo.org.

U.C. Santa Cruz, Robin Dunkin, Dr. Terrie Williams - Research involving water use and thermoregulation in African and Asian Elephant.  This data will ultimately be incorporated into a physiological model of how far animals can range from water holes under various climate scenarios.  This type of model, which is based on the empirically measured physiological needs of the animals, will allow reserve and wildlife managers to better predict how the removal of artificial water holes may influence individuals in a population.

Teaching mahouts in Thailand how to trim nails and tusks.